Monday, September 7, 2009


We're in the first week of school here in SF and though the sun is still out, the Summer vacation has come to an end. It's been the best one so far. I am feeling really lucky even though I got hardly any of the "Summer Projects" done that I had such big plans for. Such is life.

This is some work that I did over the Spring semester for my Intro to Printmaking class. It was a really cool class and I got to play around on Saturdays with acids, ink, $10,000 presses, and all kinds of scrapers, burnishers, solvents and cutters. WHOA. I only stabbed myself twice, yay!


"Shake Your Moneymaker"

"Combat Ready"


This semester is all about Etching and Still Life Painting, peppered with some extra curricular bidness and doodles! My oh my oh my.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pure crap.


Airports in December.


And then of course there's Analysis of Form work.

If you can guess which model this is I think I did a decent job...

A 6ish (including lecture time and blah blah blah I'm lazy and take long breaks) hour pose. I took way too long doing the initial line drawing that I only ended up with 40 mins to fully render. Oops. I just threw some core shadows in there and hoped for the best.

Here's my drapery. I'm still not used to the charcoal pencil technique so this is a bit heavy-handed and all stripey looking. I have until the end of the semester to fix it so... there's that?

I am gathering all the images up for an exciting printmaking extravaganza in possibly multiple parts upload so... stay... tuuuuunnnedd. It's what you've been waiting all year for and never knew it!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not gonna lie... that hurt just as badly as I thought it would.

Yeah. Here's some old stuff I don't really have the energy to introduce. It's pretty self explanatory I think.

I'm tired.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My teeth keep falling out. This must mean change.

I have thankfully been far more productive in my sketchbook lately and keeping away from the television which is good. Doors are closing and it feels like there's no open window, but being hyper-observant will hopefully change that.

These are all pen and those fancy prismacolor markers that I don't need anymore.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

I'm sad about the bleed through On these last two. So it goes.
What fun.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the same as doing laundry, i suppose.

A HA! So my sis has been kind enough to haul away all my finished paintings and take good pictures of them for selling/making posters (more of that story to come). here's some oldies from 2007 and the last one is 2008. a little trip down mammary lane. jokes.

[edit] i don't know why blogger is not thumb-nailing(:O) these so apologies in advance. you can see the non-chopped image by clicking on it [/edit]
"sister wine"

a (birthday) gift for my turdle dove. she loved it and so does my mom. obviously there are some technical issues but we don't talk about those anyway. it was a freebie. one of many.

"the tragic love story of carmichael, camichael"

one of my favorite ones that i sold to my sister's friend sometime last year for less than i should have. it doesn't matter. i've since spent the money i earned on something silly like a dress or groceries or more black paint or something. money well spent i like to imagine. (but probably not).

"moonlight sonata a la vicki and anthony"

also sold to the same lady. i don't know how i feel about this one. it's alright if not rushed. this sale bought me some beer and a bus pass.

"we've got to dovetail"

aaahhhh memories. bad ones. i was still living behind the mall at the time, in a rut. i gave this one away for christmas and it came back a few months shy of a year later. needless to say, dovetailing did not occur.

"it's a distraction. the trick is to keep your eye on the hat"

i miss this one. i wish it didn't get shipped off to san diego to shack up with the rest of them. only two people know it's secret and that's because i couldn't keep my damn mouth shut. so it goes.

well that's all i have to say about that. i might divulge the non-edited versions if asked, but probably not. it's nice to have something that's all yours. even if it's only a memory or a feeling.

till next time...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

missed connections

more drawings from the fall semester. various workshops and in class stuff.

some pipes and walls at brannan. pen and pastel on a paper bag. 20 minute diddy.

whatever this is in marker

i forgot what this girls name is! c-something. chanel? chchchchchchchhhhh.

the last workshop drawing session of the semester. ink, watercolor, pen, gold pen, pastel?

this one guy from my class that i didn't like much. pastel and marker.

yayayayaya. it's a new year, major, semester, life and i'm slowly figuring out what i want and what i don't. printmaking is pretty much the best thing i have going for me right now, and i think i'm alright with that.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

we like the cars, the cars that go BOOM

samplings from the fashion illustration class last semester. there's a few more but blogger won't allow that many uploads. boo.

i'm relieved to be out of the fashion department and into fine art. however, my only drawing class next semester is analysis of form and i won't get to play around/experiment like i could last semester. it's for the best though. i can play in my spare time. blah.

tony and the grid suit.

some guy. watercolor, ink, pencil, ???, soft pastel

more tony doing the 'dinner jacket sans shirt' routine. wait... what? ink and shit.

my classmate alexis, faceless. i'm terrible with faces. ink and shit, again.

alexis, again faceless. i need to stop avoiding the facial deets. i guess that's what art school is for? this was from the last day of class which was... interesting. i'm going to miss being the big fish in a small pond... oh fashion department.